About Us

Hi Everyone,

I’m Jen. By day I am a COVID-19 gloved crusader. By night I am a well-oiled writing machine! I write the scripts and put everything together in post-production. Sometimes I let Andy write scripts. But, only if she asks nicely. I’m also an empty-nester and I’m LOVING it! I also share my nest with my very own, real-life Thor. I’m having a blast writing for this podcast and hanging out with someone I love and admire greatly, my little sister, Andy. Isn’t she great? Thank you so much for listening to and supporting our podcast!

Hey Everybody,

I’m Andy. Above is a picture of me and one of my many sons, Logan. I sometimes write scripts but mostly I do the technical stuff, like setting up our email, website, and podcast links to various feeds. I am very, very, very far from being an empty-nester, although I do dream about it often. By day I am a special education teacher and in the rest of my time I am running through an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course that I didn’t even sign up for. Such is the life with boys. Thank you so very much for all of your support! We hope you are having as much fun as we are!